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The Email Hijack

Imagine coming back from holiday and discovering £12,000 had been stolen by Cyber Criminals…

J2 Technology

Adam Robinson


The Email Hijack

The Email Hijack is my third book, telling the sobering story of David. He’s a business owner, and after a pleasant family holiday abroad, he discovers his business has been hacked and £12,000 stolen. Hackers have secretly been monitoring his email for weeks, and changed the payment details for his biggest supplier. His staff fell for it… and the money was swiped.

To add insult to injury, he still needs to pay the supplier. Making a total loss of £24,000.

Follow David’s story as he unravels the hack, and then puts in place a blended security solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

David’s story is a fictionalised version of something we’ve seen happen again and again. The Email Hijack explains how easily it could happen to you… and what to do to protect your business.

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