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The 2020 Problem

Revealed: The ticking software timebomb that’s going to disrupt half of all businesses in January 2020…

The 2020 Problem
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Adam Robinson


The 2020 Problem

Your business, like most others, relies on Microsoft software every day.  It’s the software you use the most – for email, documents, spreadsheet, your company’s file server, and of course to run the PCs themselves.

But there’s a problem.  And very few businesses know about it.

Microsoft has announced that a load of its much-used software will reach “end of life” in January 2020.

What does that mean? Will it just stop working?

No, it’ll carry on working. But it won’t be supported by Microsoft.  Which means if the software breaks or is compromised, there’ll be no-one fixing it. It’ll stay broken.

As the owner of a popular and trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) for hundreds of businesses, I’ve seen this happen before. End of life software like this becomes a keen target for hackers.

They will find loopholes and ways to use the software to get into your computer, or spread malware.  Because there’s no-one to stop them.

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